How your non-profit can be more transformative. 


From my experience, I have come to understand there are three key factors for transformative work in the non-profit sector. Working together we will tackle these key factors:  

System Approach: 

Design of a vision, mission and strategy that functions within and influences the broader system.  Non-profits can provide services to meet immediate needs but should also be in the business of advocacy, network building, and partnerships that create long-term sustainable change. 

Adaptive Organizations: 

Organizational cultures that promote feedback and data-driven decision-making, innovation, risk-taking, and learning from failure.

Value Based Leadership: 

Integration of values to do good across the entire organization – including internal policies, practices and decision-making that drive the mission of the organization.  

Working with me, your organization will be facilitated through processes that will increase the impact, efficiency and internal happiness of your organization – making your work even more transformative.