This is what I bring to the table. 


I’m passionate about doing good and it is my personal mission to help every individual and organization integrate good into their work. While I have worked in the non-profit sector for 15 years, I see amazing opportunity for corporations to become leaders in social and environmental change.  

I’ve worked on diverse and complex issues around the world:      

  • Therapeutic programming for youth who have been abused in Canada
  • Creating economic opportunity for women with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda 
  • Education reform in sub-Saharan Africa and Canada 
  • Economic reform for Canada’s urban First Nations
  • Human rights journalism in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Community conservation in west and east Africa
  • Maternal, newborn and child health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Digital citizenship in the Middle-East 

I’ve designed and delivered training for professionals to bring good into their work:  

  • Canadian journalists and publishers on being a human rights journalism trainer in sub-Saharan Africa (Journalists for Human Rights).
  • Canadian professors and instructors at faculties of education on rights-based approaches to education in teacher training programs (UNICEF).  
  • Canadian principals and teachers on whole school programs that integrate children’s rights into policy, curriculum, teaching practices and administrative decision-making (UNICEF).  
  • Canadian and African educators on bringing education for sustainable development into their practice (Jane Goodall Institute).  

I am a visionary who gets numbers and processes:  

  • Managed multi-million dollar grants at the University of Toronto and the Jane Goodall Institute.
  • Managed complex procurement processes and contract negotiations at the University of Toronto. 
  • Assisted in the design of the National University of Rwanda’s five-year strategic plan using the Balance Scorecard System.
  • Redesigned the long-term strategy, staff training, evaluation metrics and business processes for the Jane Goodall Institute's educational programs.  

 I am entrepreneurial at heart:

  • From the waterproof shower whiteboard that is connected to your mobile phone (you can have that) to gaming apps that teach youth about the economic, social and environmental impacts of a decision- I am creative in generating ideas to solve problems.  

Let’s get busy doing some good – contact me here and we can talk about making your company a leader in positive change.