Here's what I bring to the table.  


I’ve been around the non-profit block and am passionate about the sector.  My goal is to strengthen the sector by helping organizations like yours be game changers.  

I’ve lead the redesign of social and environmental programs to address root cause and increase scale:  

  • At Journalists for Human Rights, I developed a rights-based framework that revolutionized the way the organization delivered training and measured impact, drawing the interest of BBC World Service Trust.
  •  At UNICEF Canada, I transitioned their youth programming from one-off workshops for teachers on global education to a comprehensive educational program intended to create systemic change across Canada’s education sector, now integrated into UNICEF global’s rights-based education programs.   
  • At the Jane Goodall Institute, I redesigned the Roots & Shoots program from one that measured success by counting the number of registered youth groups in Canada to one that measured changes in attitudes and behaviours of youth around the world. 

I am a visionary thinker who also gets numbers and processes:  

  • Managed multi-million dollar grants at the University of Toronto and the Jane Goodall Institute.
  • Managed complex procurement processes and contract negotiations at the University of Toronto. 
  • Assisted in the design of the National University of Rwanda’s five-year strategic plan using the Balance Scorecard System.
  • Redesigned the long-term strategy, staff training, evaluation metrics and business processes for the Jane Goodall Institute's educational program.  

I am an advocate for non-profits:  

  • Collaborated on the design and implementation of a national sector-wide assessment of evaluation in Canadian non-profits. 
  • Speaker at the Ontario Non-Profit Network 2013 Conference on “Trends and Solutions for the Non-Profit Sector.”
  • Advisor at Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits.