Here is how I can help you.


My approach is inclusive, collaborative, and dynamic.  My role is to design and lead facilitated processes that best enable your people to co-design solutions.

Below are some of the services I can provide your organization.  

Vision and Mission Design:

Working through an inspirational, inclusive and interactive approach, we will first identify the values that represent the change your organization would like to see in this world and then design vision and mission statements that answer the question – what is your endgame?  

Design Strategy, Interventions and Metrics: 

Developing a strategy requires clarity on the social and/or environmental change your organization wants to create, and an understanding of the broader system in which you operate. While this process would always be participatory, the approach may be different depending on the needs of your organization. Some organizations may require a theory of change to come up with new interventions, and some design thinking to prototype and test ideas. Once the interventions are clear, we will co-design realistic metrics that will enable your organization to measure the progress and impact of your work.

Design Collaborations:

Collaboration is hard, but we all know the benefits.  Through a collaborative systems-mapping exercise, we will identify all of the stakeholders relevant to your area of work and ways they can further your mission.   I will then lead a working session(s) that will enable you and your stakeholders to co-design programming and establish a clear path for working together.  

Internal Policies and Processes:

This process will depend on the organization’s needs and challenges, but may include one-on-one leadership discussions, staff surveys, focus groups, policy reviews, and process-mapping to identify what internal policies and processes are reducing efficiencies and not reflecting the values of the organization. 

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