Through my work and travels, I’ve dabbled in writing and produced a whack of toolkits.


Publications and Papers:

MacLennan, C. (2007, March). A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between Organizational Culture, Teachers’ Values and Attitudes about Teaching and Learning, and Pedagogical Approaches at an Overseas American School.

MacLennan, C. (2008, January). Reflections from Rwanda. Comparative and International Education Society Newsletter,

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Binding: MacLennan, C. (2000). Urban Aboriginal Economic Development and the National Association of Friendship Centers. Ottawa: The National Association of Friendship Centers.



Toolkits & Programs:

Jane Goodall Institute : Roots & Shoots Program and Resources

Curriculum connected resources and professional development workshops for teachers and youth program facilitators.

Children's Rights in Education: Applying a Rights-Based Approach to Education

A resource and professional learning program for faculty at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  The guide and training aims to cultivate teacher candidates' knowledge, skills, and dispositions to advocate for and address rights and equity-oriented issues that arise in their classrooms, schools and curriculum. 

Rights Media Framework and Curriculum

Developed with input from a variety of stakeholders, beneficiaries and experts to develop jhr's Rights Media Framework.  This framework continues to be used to inform all training, curriculum development and evaluation of the organization's impact. 

jhr Train the Trainer Toolkit

jhr's Train the Trainer Program provides certification to all participants who attend the workshop and then successfully move on to deliver their own workshop.

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

As a framework for educational improvement, the initiative helps schools address the whole learning environment by using a consistent, rights-based approach. 


Training Educators  in Dawson, Yukon 2014

Training Educators  in Dawson, Yukon 2014


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