Here's what I can help you with.


Transformative work is process oriented and involves engineering good from the inside out.

My approach is inclusive, collaborative, dynamic - it sets the strategic direction for your business, but also ensures your team is inspired and empowered to contribute.

Working with members of your team identified as integral to the outputs, I will lead your organization through hands-on sessions where leaders and staff will get dirty and design integrative and transformative efforts for social and environmental change.  

These services are available as a package to maximize the transformative impact of our work together, or individually for companies interested in initial exploration or to review existing efforts.   

Vision and Mission Design: 

Working through an inspirational, inclusive and interactive approach, we will first identify the values that represent the change your organization would like to see in this world.  We will then design vision and mission statements that articulates how your company is making a positive difference.

Strategy and Metrics: 

With key staff, we will  identify opportunities to integrate businesses practices and partnerships that will help you reach your mission.  We will also identify the metrics that best demonstrate the positive change your company is making.

Empower your Army of Change Makers (Your Team): 

Through participatory sessions that build compassion, we will work with your staff so they can internalize the company’s mission to do good and identify ways they can contribute to the success of your social and environmental efforts.  

Develop Frameworks and Tools: 

Once clear metrics are identified, I will work with the management of your organization to design the frameworks and tools that will best enable your company to: i. Overcome obstacles, ii. Record and communicate success, iii. Consolidate gains to produce more change, and iv. Anchor change in your company’s culture.